Be A Standout Guy

Hi all,

Now, I often get emails asking me for tips on how to impress a woman – which is hard enough on its own. It’s a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a whole lot of magic to nail the perfect formula on impressing and looking attractive to women. And while that alone is as bad as it is, it gets so much worse when you – lone, insecure but fully capable-to-date guy – has to stand in midst of several other equally capable-to-date and probably less-insecure, and just maybe even more attractive men all having the same hopes and intentions of impressing a woman.

But how to get a girl to like you back if you like her? Know it now!

In a scenario such as this, say, in a bar or a party where everyone is seeking for romance or the littlest bit of it, how do you stand out? How do you make any woman notice you even when you’re literally surrounded by your competitors?

Be a standout guy

Here are some tips on how to be the standout guy in any situation – for more details and advice though, email me at

Number one, always wear your style in clothes that compliment your physique and assets. Nothing beats a guy wearing clothes that not only fits him well but actually accentuates his best features. Here’s a thing about clothes: if you feel good in it (it’s comfortable, you don’t feel weird about wearing it, and you know that it fits you perfectly size-wise), you get nice confident jig about you and it shows in the way you walk, stand and carry yourself the whole time. Meanwhile, if you are wearing clothes that look good on you (makes your muscles look firmer, makes your shoulders wider, or makes your awesome jaw pop out in insanely Hollywood pinup ways, or makes your olive skin look glow), you get a sense of comfort; you feel great about yourself and you get an instant boost in your confidence. So go for clothes that make you look and feel great.

Secondly, always be well-groomed. Your awesome jaw-dropping outfit would all end up in failure if you are nowhere near well-groomed. Clean ears, awesome breath, clean nails – you don’t have to sport the clean look a la Chuck Bass; you just have to be clean and hygienic period. Go scruffy all you want, maybe even Zach Galifianakis scruffy but match it with an awesome smell and awesome clean everything else. Girls would never want to shake hands with a guy with filthy fingernails!

You gotta win it with your stare. There’s a line that divides a lingering, sexy, ensnaring stare and a creepy, malicious, I’m-gonna-do-something-awful-to-you kind of stare. Unfortunately, the line is pretty thin so you have got to use this tool all too wisely and carefully! The first thing to learn is how to make eye contact. Find the right timing, have the right facial expression (a friendly, smile-ish one if you want to go for the Mr Nice Guy Look, and a little devious, half-smile if you’re gunning for a more mysterious, dark expression a la Christian Grey).

Last but not least, always wear your best smile. This is the best way on approaching a woman. No matter how great and comfortable you get at making eye contact, it won’t be as great without the right smile to go with it. A smile is actually both a man and a woman’s best accessory so always have it right and ready! Make sure your pearly whites don’t have remnants of yesterday’s lunch – eww!