Sweet Nothings She’d Love To Hear You Say


As a renowned “Relationship Design” Guru I get my fair share of emails asking for advice (I can be reached at info@dailydesignbits.com). One reader recently get in touch worried that his girlfriend was drifting away from him. So I thought I’d share my response to him with you all. You see actions speak louder than words. But there are times when all you need is to hear the most special things to make things better and to make things work. See, words are so powerful that it can move an entire nation where physical strength cannot.

And while every other relationship guru is trying to emphasize on how you should ‘show’ love more than just saying the four-letter word, truth is, you can’t really make a relationship work without saying some good stuff to your partner. Every now and then, you just got to hear things to make you feel better, to renew your faith in the relationship, to make things more special.

This is especially true for women. Girlfriends are so sensitive about everything and she can’t be contented with just seeing and feeling things – she would need to hear some magical and inspiring words from you. Try to date her and use the dating and seduction advice.

Words that your girlfriend would like to hear

So if you don’t know these things yet, here are some of the things that your girlfriend would definitely want to hear from you:

“I love you” – this is only applicable if you’re already in that comfortable, committed and secure stage in your relationship. Otherwise, if she’s not ready for the L word, you might be better off delaying it until you’re both ready.

“You’re so much better than her”. I know I’ve said a thousand times that women don’t like being compared; but there is an exception to that: the only time a woman would appreciate being compared to anyone is to be the better, more beautiful, sweeter, nicer, basically the more outstanding girl over whichever woman you’re comparing her with.

First off; run with “You are so beautiful”. Women are insecure. And more likely than not, your girlfriend is insecure too, whether she says it or not. That is why it is important for the overall well-being of a woman to be told how beautiful she is in the eyes of the people who truly, truly matter to her. Yes, that includes you and especially YOU.

Next up “Thank you”. This must be a very girl thing, but based on what I’ve observed, women are generally nicer and less rude to people. Man, if she really does make you happy and make your life more heavenly than you’ve ever imagined, then by all means – say it. Thank her for putting up with your silliness, for being patient with u, for being with you, for being herself to you. Trust me, she’s going to appreciate you more as soon as you show her some appreciation too.

An apology always goes down a treat too. Say, “I’m sorry”. Yes, we can sense an apology even before it comes out; we can tell what most apologies are even without these words. But it does not harm you or anyone if you owe up to your mistakes and apologize for it every once in a while

Lastly, just ask a simple “How was your day”? Women love men who listen. And women love it more if you give her your full attention even before she asked for it. And asking how her day went is a good indication that you are offering your attention to listen to her, that you are truly interested in her. Read more here.

Do you say these things to your girlfriend too? *Wink*

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October 17, 2013

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