Lies She’ll Never Buy

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Thanks for the support you gave on my last post! Now, we are going to talked about the lies of men that aren’t effective into women. I try to cover a broad range of subjects as a dating mentor and guide, and this subject is no exception. If there’s any area you’d like me to write about just email me at :)

Admit it: you’ve lied to your girlfriend. Whether it’s a lie about why you’re late for a date or that you’re on the way to meet her when you’ve really just gotten out of bed, or that you are not crushing on the new girl at the office, you’ve probably lied to your girlfriend. Just be careful, this could be one of many things that might lead to her cheating on you.

Lying is an instinctive human act, I believe. We lie to protect ourselves from so many things – from discrimination, from getting hurt, and more commonly to avoid someone’s ire and the confrontation that ensues from it. Because lying is so common and so overused in some areas, there are certain lies that don’t need rocket science or some nerdy lie detectors to figure out what it truly is.

The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart — and here’s why. Men lie to women. Women lie to men.

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Lies Men Overused!

Here are some great examples of these types of lies, overused by most men, and never ever believed by women. Gentlemen, don’t even bother telling these lies because the ladies just won’t buy it anymore!

Top of the list is the classic; “No, I don’t like her”. If you’ve mentioned her at least once for three consecutive dinners, or have been showing an uncontrollable sparkle in your eye at the mere mention of her name, believe it or believe it we know that you like the woman in question. If you’ve stared at the woman, or at least pretended to just ‘scan’ her physical profile and look away (only to do it again after several minutes), please boy – we know what you’re up to and we know that you like what you’re seeing. And while women don’t really want to hear the opposite of these very words, let me just tell you that your denial is practically futile because we know better.

Have you ever said, “No, we’re not drinking”. Unless your guy buddies are monks or something, it would be clearly impossible to believe that no drinking would happen when you’re out with your guy friends. And we would appreciate more if you just admit to it; denying it and lying about it, on the other hand, would make women really furious.

Another lie they’ll see through is the “My phone was dead/I didn’t hear my phone ring.” Women would rather be told to lay off than to be lied to. If you want to finish the UFC Fight, or focus on your video game – say so. Stop using your phone as an excuse, man up and tell your girlfriend the truth about why you don’t want to be bothered on the phone.

And don’t ever utter the words, “I wasn’t looking at her”. What the female species has lacked in physical strength, she has been endowed in the instinct and intuition department. And trust me, we observe more than you think we do. So if you think your little stare trip to the woman’s cleavage was unnoticed, think again. We girls are so much better than that.

An unusual one but still a lie you’ll get caught out on is the, “I can do this myself”. This is actually adorable. Whether looking for directions, opening a tightly closed jar, or putting up the home alarm system, it’s okay to admit difficulty and maybe even defeat and to just leave the difficult jobs to someone better and someone who can actually do the job. It does not make women love you less if you admit that you needed help on some things – even the simplest and most mundane ones.

So, which lies are you most guilty of using on your ladylove?  See also the Sonic Seduction field guide on asking a girl out on a date and also things you should never post on Facebook.


October 16, 2013

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