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In my previous blog post, we’ve discussed what to do when a girl makes a move. But being a “Relationship Design” Guru means I need to write about the negative stuff as well as the positive so to sustain the relationship you’ve got, read the whole article on what posts you should avoid putting on Facebook.

What you should avoid on posting on Facebook.

Everyone is on Facebook. A person’s social existence is hardly ever genuine unless Facebook proves it otherwise; simply said, you only exist when you’re on Facebook. But then again, why not? Facebook makes socializing easier. Apart from being a massive tool for socialization, Facebook has also become everyone’s most reliable open-book diary. When no one’s there to listen or when you just simply feel like letting everyone know how you feel Facebook is always open for your message.

But sometimes, this openness can create rifts in relationships. I’ve seen one too many people posting about their personal (read: too personal) problems on Facebook. From the simplest little hunch that their partner is cheating, to hinting about just having had sex, to outright arguing on the comments box – talking about things that the public should not actually be told of, things that other people would only care so much for as a topic for gossip. You may want to see this article from eHarmony also.

Guide on what you shouldn’t post on Facebook

While more girls who are guilty of posting these things, many men around the web are equally guilty. So, in the perspective of women, what things would women hate to read of in their boyfriend’s Facebook walls? Here are some of them – the things that you, dearest boyfriends, should never post on Facebook in the name of good and healthy relationships:

Never ever post a detailed story of your fight. Ever heard about ‘keeping your dirty laundry from the public’? Your relationship is private and these private details and problems should only be between the two of you. Your Facebook friends could only do so much as like and their unsolicited advice on the comments box could do more harm than good. “Thinking out loud” about your own qualms and doubts about the relationship also fall in this category.

And don’t think about posting photos of you partying on the night you told her that you went to sleep early. Don’t cause yourself to get caught doing some relationship crime. Apart from blowing your cover, you’re going to cause her to go Facebook-hysterical for shamelessly admitting that you lied to her.

Avoid posting photos of other women or status posts admiring other women. Also included here are posts that are openly flirting with other women. Do I even need to elaborate on this?

And this one is self explantory but don’t post non-flattering photos of your girlfriend. Only post photos pre-approved by your girlfriend. Unless you’re a pro photographer, random and candid shots of your girlfriend should stay in your personal files. You may think she’s pretty in every angle but trust me, she doesn’t think the same. So don’t risk her anger.

Finally avoid posting anything sexual. Perhaps the only excuse to do this – for men and women both – is if you work as a professional sex worker or a sex therapist. We, the public, really don’t need to know about your favorite position or favorite time of day to do your girlfriend. Even if you’re a master on how to be an expert flirt with women, your decent girlfriend wouldn’t exactly appreciate it either.

As they say in the real world, if you cannot say nice things, you had better keep your mouth shut. But on Facebook, if you can’t post anything that your girlfriend approves of, you had better lay your hands off the status box unless you want to change your relationship status from ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘Single’.

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October 7, 2013

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