Are You Becoming a Male Drama Queen?

Right guys,

“Relationship Design” Guru here to cut to the truth about all things dating. Now we all know that women are dramatic. There’s nothing so surprising about it because somehow, women are wired to be that way. And society, especially you men, has also been wired to accept that women are likely to be this way even if you already mastered Sonic Seduction ways (read this Sonic Seduction guide).

But women do not share the same kind of acceptance with uber dramatic members of the male kind. Sure we have gone past the era that ridiculed men who shed tears; but today’s women do not quite like men who start drama. If we wanted drama, we’d just go to our girlfriends or stick to our thoughts and diary entries.

Men who make so much a fuss about the smallest things, starts a fight for no reason, digs too deep into the emotions over issues that could just easily have been ignored – these are things that turn women off faster than a woman catching you picking your nose over dinner. Men that are posting a lot of Things that You Should Never Post on Facebook. The dramatic man has never been too appealing for women of any generation and any age because it could only mean one thing: a lot of fights.

That said, I know by now you are convinced you don’t want to be a drama queen. But how do you know that you’re becoming one? Here are some signs that you are heading that way.

First off, you whine about practically anything that does not go your way. So you failed to catch your bus. You forgot your phone at home. Your girlfriend ordered pork on your vegetarian day. Something happens that is not according to your plans, tastes, or wishes. If you whine and get mad about these things, by all means your highness, please put on your royal crown of drama. And you create a scene and you like it.

So you whine about the small things like a Kardashian, and then worse, you create a scene a la Jersey Shore – I hate to break it to you but you are the biggest drama king in the world. A drama king is not just a drama king – he’s also hungry for attention. And he’ll take every opportunity to look like the antagonist, the poor guy, the victim and he does not stop at anything to show that.

You’re also being a male drama queen if you put too much meaning on the small things. Say your girlfriend bought a red shirt for you even when she absolutely knows that you love, love, love red. Or your girlfriend happened to be supporting the wrong team.

What do you do?

Do you:

(a) take it lightly and let it pass, or

(b) start doubting her love for you and go on a pity party because you think your girlfriend’s defiance of what makes you [superficially] happy is a sure sign of an impending breakup?

If you answered a, congratulations you’re no drama king. Consider yourself otherwise if your answer is b.

If you find yourself showing any of these sure signs of drama king-ness, you might want to take another look at yourself and rethink things through. Your girlfriend might not exactly be too happy to share the throne with you.

So, are you a “drama king”(See this article to see the meaning)?

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October 8, 2013

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