Discover If She’s Leading You On


So most of my experience as a “Relationship Design” guru doesn’t come from a book but from practical in the field experience. Some women are into you and tell you about it. Others are not into you and tell you about it. There are others, still, who act like they are into you but are actually not. And it is this last type of women that makes you dear gentlemen go wild and insane – to your own disappointment, and ours (aka the good women who do not lead men on).

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For the sake of all the women who have lost their places to these conning, abusive women, and for all the men who fell for it, Is she leading you? I now reveal to you the 5 biggest, most obvious, slap-it-in-your-face signs that she is in fact leading you on.girl

Ask yourself these 5 questions to see if she’s leading you on.

Does she flirt with you endlessly? Flirting is a good and healthy part of courtship. But when there’s nothing but endless flirting on her end and she refuses to discuss anything more than that, then you have got to start worrying. Regular flirting only has two places to go: it becomes more, or it dies down. If it stays on that level, turning you on constantly and then letting you go before you get your hopes too high, then she’s obviously just leading you on.

Next, does she call you only when she needs you? You’ve become her booty call and only want to hear from you. When she only calls you when she’s sad, bored, pissed, and not when she’s feeling something positive, then you’ve become her emotional booty call. The only thing worse about it is when she calls you, flirts with you through and through with a punchline of a favor at the end. You’re not just being led on. You’re being used and abused!

Also ask yourself, does she tease you…a lot? Girls’ teasing and taunting is but part and parcel of advanced flirting. It is usually an invitation and an affirmation of interest towards you; however, if it becomes a routine – of taunting you and getting you excited and then turning you down when you get really excited, you’ve gotta watch out boy…she’s leading you on.

Or the other question you need to ask is does she parade you around in public like a trophy but does not show interest in you when you’re alone? Oh boy isn’t she so happy pulling you around in public, displaying every form of publicly accepted affection. She gets even sweeter if another girl comes into the picture – she almost makes it seem like she’s actually jealous. And when you thought things were actually getting real and sweet, she surprises you with a detached, disinterested air when you’re alone with her. Looks like she’s added ‘ego-booster’ to your list of roles in her life.

And lastly, does she send mixed signals? One moment she’s acting like you’re all precious to her, and the next she treats a stranger better than she does to you. The thing is, she runs away faster the more you follow her; and when you’re ready to let go, she pulls you back even harder. And as with everything else, it’s a cycle.

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October 21, 2013

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