Hello, and welcome to DailyDesignBits.com :)

My name is L. Tai, and I have built this website to honor my dating teacher and mentor, the great Daly Birch. I have followed Daly’s teachings in the matters of the heart for about seven years now, and he has been instrumental in transforming me from an Average Frustrated Chump (AFC) to someone who has got his game nailed down. :) Thank you, Daly, and this website is my tribute to you.

Inspiration behind this website name -

I had wanted to post “bits” of information on a “daily” basis, and I had wanted to write about Relationship Design, which is Daly’s main philosophy when it comes to love, dating and seduction.

Live long and prosper,



PS: You can contact me directly by emailing lt@dailydesignbits.com, but given the amount of email I am receiving it’s becoming nay impossible to respond timely.

December 19, 2013

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