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“Relationship Design” Guru Daly here, blogging from my home in Arizona. Now, no one ever wants to be cheated on. You have to be ultimately very self-destructing and pain-loving to wish to be cheated on. This is like the death-wish of a relationship. After the guide on how to tell if she likes you (good read at

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This might come to you as a bad news, some of our actions can and may actually influence our partners to cheat. Yes, as much as we hate to admit it, some of us, or at least some of the things we do, are actually driving our lovers into cheatdom. You know those things cheating girlfriends say when they’ve been caught cheating: “you made me”, there might be some truth to it. Unfortunately.

What makes your girl cheat?

Here are some of the things that makes girls want to cheat (aka the things you should avoid doing at all costs unless you have a relationship death wish – which, hopefully, you don’t).

Let’s start with the fact that you keep getting jealous. A jealous boyfriend is no fun, especially if you’re the kind who does not let her go out without him or at least without his permission, the kind who demands for a complete list and lineup of activities for the day, and the kind who gets jealous of anyone who does not come close to her family tree, then she’s likely going to have a hard time breaking up with you while having a much, much harder time staying with you.

Another thing you may not realise is you’re not appreciating her. Women need to know that they are appreciated. Women need compliments every now and then. And it is your job, as her boyfriend, to provide her that. If you fail to, she’s likely to look for it from somewhere else (or at least fall for that one person who can give her exactly that). So you had better know how to show her how glad you are for having such an awesome lady in your life, or else, someone will take your place.

She may feel like cheating if you don’t make her feel secure enough. If you flirt around too much, or spend too much time with your friends and/or other female friends even more than you do with her, you’re without a doubt making her feel insecure and unimportant. And she’d go for the one who could make her feel that she’s the most important person in his life. Or at least someone who reminds her constantly that she’s valued.

It’s worth asking yourself if you’re not intimate enough? She needs to be hugged and kissed and cuddled and made love to. She needs and expects that physical intimacy that you both signed up for. And if you can’t exactly give her that, or spend more of your time doing something else, you’re driving her way. That’s pushing her away to find her personal fulfillment elsewhere.

And what will definitely push her away is your own cheating. Ahh, but of course, revenge is best served cold. You made her suffer, you broke her heart – what better way to get over it than to give you a dose of the exact same medicine you gave her? While I don’t normally prescribe revenge, we can’t really, fully blame her for it can we?

Well besides of being a Male Drama Queen, if you’re guilty about any of these things, you might want to keep your relationship in check before she heads her way to cheatdom. If she does though, read here for what to do if you catch her cheating.

November 11, 2013

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