Bells Are Ringing? People Getting Hitched? Meet Girls At the Wedding!

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What do you do with a wedding invitation?

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have nailed it quite perfectly that weddings are among the most ideal places to meet women. But while I am not encouraging you guys to actually spend your weekends crashing one wedding after another, I am seriously telling you that as a genuinely single guy, you should take every wedding invite as an opportunity to meet awesome women! After all, the bride will always have her whole battalion of female guests that are composed of female cousins, female co-workers, BFF’s, neighbors and what-have-you’s – and a good percentage of them are yes – SINGLE aka AS SINGLE AS YOU ARE.

Enjoy the wedding, Meet a lot of women!

That said, now is the perfect time to change your perception of weddings. Weddings are not just some seriously awful time to be a single person – to be bitter while being surrounded by couples who are head-over-heels in love, this is the right time to learn about picking up women from This is the perfect time to celebrate your being a singlehood – to explore and meet as many beautifully made-up single women in one place; single women, who by the way, are likely to be carried away by the overflowing romance in the atmosphere. And the last thing you want to do is to waste this perfectly opportune time by being all mopey and grumpy.

Here are some tips on how to meet women at weddings:

Top of the list is to learn how to dance. It’s a wedding – of course there will be dancing. Sure that’s fun and sexy. But there is hardly anything more impressive and more swoon-worthy than a guy who can dance those slow, sexy and sweet dances. Most every girl out there, wearing their nice little dress, would likely want to be swept off their feet the way Prince Charming did Cinderella. So go ahead and channel your inner Prince Charming by knowing your dances. Extra tip: dance with the grandmas and the little girls – it is ALWAYS very, very adorable in the eyes of the ladies. You can also view this article  from

Next up, always be confident and happy. Nothing is more attractive than a guy who knows how to be happy in such a social situation. And confidence is always a proven factor of attraction. Combine these two in a wedding and you’ll likely catch the eye of the ladies.

Don’t forget to socialize. This is a social event and there should be no reason for you to sit on one corner. Not only do you not meet them women, you also waste such an opportune time to look like the nicest man around. Move around the social circles and share a laugh! If you’re too shy to do it, start going around with your friends and the people you actually know.

And what will make you really popular? Offer drinks. This is age-old but this might just work the charms for you. It is safe because it makes them ease up and relax, and also, it does not make them self conscious (compared to when they are offered food).

Weddings in themselves are awesome. But they can only get better if you can use this as an opportunity to make your dating life better. Who knows you might end up meeting the woman you are to marry in one of these weddings? Best wishes!

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October 2, 2013

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