The Definitive Guide to Approaching Women

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Approaching women can be a tricky business especially in today’s time and age when even the nicest and best looking guys are capable of assault. One of our many fears when meeting complete strangers in bars or any social setting is the fact that you might cause us harm or worse, turn into an obsessive stalker. But as “Relationship Design” Guru I’m here to help; and not just with my witty posts each week, you can also email me at

But you may also be just a nice guy looking to meet new friends and possibly a girl to pursue if it goes well. If that’s the case, here are some ways to approach women the way we want you to.

How to Approach Women – From A Woman’s Perspective

Afte you meet girls at the wedding, what to Do When a Girl Makes a Move? What’s the next move? how and where to approach women?

Me in my new flower dress. Cute right?

Me in my new flower dress. Cute right?

How to approach a woman. To begin with, “Just Say Hi.” Cheesy and corny pick-up lines doesn’t always work unless you’re Ryan Gosling who can deliver it with a sexy confidence. Most of the time, we just want men who can simply and confidently say hi. Nothing fancy or any special moves needed, just walk over and be forward with your intention. We can hear more about your pick-up lines later after a connection or some kind of chemistry is established.

  • Always, “Make Eye Contact.” When you see a girl you like in a bar (or in any setting), make sure to make eye contact before making a move. Women like to pick out their men too, and you’ll know she’s interested if she gazes and locks eye with you even for just a couple of seconds. But don’t ever stare. A 3 to 5 seconds of eye contact is enough to pick her interest and keep her intrigue.
  • And just “Be Confident.” This one’s a no-bainer. We want men who approach us to be confident but not cocky, arrogant or a jerk. You need to carry yourself in such a way that you exude a calm and sexy confidence which you can accomplish with the right body language. Do not slouch or move too fast. Instead straighten your back and move slowly and deliberately while putting a nice smile on your space.
  • And “Don’t Be Too Close.” Give us enough space and room to exit the scene whenever we want. Remember that you are a stranger and women of today tend to be overly cautious when meeting men. We don’t want to feel cornered and left without any choice so if you really want to score high in approaching women, don’t stand or sit too close and don’t block the exits.
  • Next up, try and “Mingle With Her Friends.” It’s so much easier approaching a woman on solo flight but what if she’s with friends? The best move is to talk and mingle with them too. You’ll earn extra points if you go the extra mile by making light conversation and even more points if her friends give a thumbs up for your approach.
  • Remember also to “Keep It Real.” As much as your body language and opening lines matter when approaching women, the most important advice is to be yourself. After all, we’re not really looking for the smartest, sexiest or the richest guy in town. You don’t have to try too hard to impress us. Just be yourself on your best days to show your personality and character.
  • And finally, “Don’t Take It Personally.” Even last year’s sexiest man alive, Channing Tatum, gets rejected too so you’d have to keep your mind open when approaching women. No matter how charming, confident and good looking you are, not all of us will match your personality so take rejections like a good sport. Who knows what a no might turn into if you take it like a champ.

See this tips for easy approaching a woman.

These are only some of the common ways to approach women according to a woman’s perspective. Some women may want to be approached differently, but the ones listed above are true for majority of the female population. Give them a try and you might be surprised with the results.

October 9, 2013

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