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As a dating mentor and guru I often write about how to get out there and take the first step to dating a girl, learning how to approach women. This post is from the opposite angle. So a girl is making the first move on you, huh? Some hot guy you are! Not every man gets that kind of attention from women and even in this very advanced day and age, it is still quite a surprise and a rarity to have a woman make the first move.

But what truly measures a guy in this situation is not the fact that he is attractive enough to push a girl to make the first move on him. Instead, it is on how you react to this reverse situation in the most gentlemanly, most attractive, and most admirable way possible.

Basically, there are two ways to react: turned on or turned off. For some men, women who can express themselves in this way are attractive. These men find it a turn on and perceive these women as those who are in control, go getters, and do not wish to be trapped in what society dictates as the role of women in the dating scene.

On the other hand, some if not most men, find this the exact opposite: a turn off. These men find this a thing deviation from social norms and somehow, it makes men feel emasculated and threatened over the power of a girl to go after what – in this case, who – she wants.

There, so we’ve figured out how men react. But still the question remains: what do you do when this happens to you? When the feeling of flattery dies down (seriously, admit it – you felt great about yourself when she came up to you), how do you deal with the woman who put herself out there to let you know how she feels about you?

Well here are some tips. Start off by always showing her that you appreciate the feeling. It is not easy to go against the norm just to express our feelings. She has put herself to so much emotional burden just to let you know how she feels about you so whether you are turned on or off, nicely thank her for having the courage to come up to you. And if you are turned on by her move, assess whether or not you like her enough to go out with her. See, just because she gave you an ego boost does not mean you’d go out with her and send her the wrong message of false hopes.

Although, if you do not like her making a move towards you, try a much nicer approach at rejection. Saying it too bluntly will only make her feel like she was humiliated. If you can’t say it in her face, at least stop with saying thank you. She’ll get the message.  Or try following my steps to avoiding a woman or try to use the patented Sonic Seduction disqualification technique.

Whatever you do don’t use this as an excuse/reason to take advantage of her. Of course using it as leverage for your advances is easy. But remember that a true gentleman does not get make an opportunity out of the innocent and the vulnerable to make himself feel good.

So, what are you going to do now?

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October 1, 2013

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