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Caught Her Red-Handed?

Hi there, So I regularly discuss all the highlights of dating but today in response to a readers dilemma I’ve taken a different tact. As a dating mentor and guru, my advice is not here just to give you dating… continue reading »

Discover If She’s Leading You On

Hello, So most of my experience as a “Relationship Design” guru doesn’t come from a book but from practical in the field experience. Some women are into you and tell you about it. Others are not into you and tell… continue reading »

Sweet Nothings She’d Love To Hear You Say

Greetings! As a renowned “Relationship Design” Guru I get my fair share of emails asking for advice (I can be reached at One reader recently get in touch worried that his girlfriend was drifting away from him. So I… continue reading »

Lies She’ll Never Buy

Hi Readers! Thanks for the support you gave on my last post! Now, we are going to talked about the lies of men that aren’t effective into women. I try to cover a broad range of subjects as a dating… continue reading »

Are You Becoming a Male Drama Queen?

Right guys, “Relationship Design” Guru here to cut to the truth about all things dating. Now we all know that women are dramatic. There’s nothing so surprising about it because somehow, women are wired to be that way. And society,… continue reading »

Guys; What Not to Post on Facebook

Greetings Readers! In my previous blog post, we’ve discussed what to do when a girl makes a move. But being a “Relationship Design” Guru means I need to write about the negative stuff as well as the positive so to… continue reading »

Bells Are Ringing? People Getting Hitched? Meet Girls At the Wedding!

Hi all, What do you do with a wedding invitation? Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have nailed it quite perfectly that weddings are among the most ideal places to meet women. But while I am not encouraging you guys to… continue reading »

Is She Putting the Moves on you? Read on…

Hi guys! As a dating mentor and guru I often write about how to get out there and take the first step to dating a girl, learning how to approach women. This post is from the opposite angle. So a… continue reading »