How to Flirt on a Plane Ride

1414861_51130807Who says being suspended miles and miles up in the air in an enclosed metal whatchamacalit should make flirting impossible? Of course it’s not impossible! In fact, a plane ride can only be made more enjoyable and more memorable if you add a dash of flirting on the side!

Several hours on a plane can get the best of us. And the ensuing jet lag from those long hours, crossing borders and time zones can really take a toll on your body. And a little harmless flirting could only ease this up and make you recall a grueling, butt-form-changing plane flight with much gusto. That, and look forward to your next plane flight again.

So whether you’re a seasonal traveler with a booking for the Christmas holiday, or a serial jetsetter hopping from one point of the globe to another, these flirting tips might make those extra, extra special (and who knows, you might meet someone you’d actually want to take out as soon as you land *Wink*).

How to flirt on a plane ride

  • Always look your best. You don’t have to be a Hollywood celeb to look extra dandy on your next flight out! You don’t have to dress to the nines like the plane is going to hold a ball; you just have to look great and comfortable. Grab your basics – a shirt for comfortable, laidback look, some button downs for a more casual tone, and a classy black blazer or coat to keep you warm – that should easily do the trick.
  • Always start with a smile – the friendly kind. There’s nothing creepier on a plane ride than a creepy, mysterious smile. The last thing you want is to be mistaken for a terrorist so keep things light and friendly. Your friendly, warm smile might just be what she needed to ease her fear of flying!
  • Bring a game or a book with you. That’s a good way to spark up a conversation. If you play your cards right, you know that you’ll have a more significant conversation leading from that.
  • Never forget your compliments. Flirting will never be flirting until you give out a compliment; otherwise, it would just be a friendly conversation. When giving a compliment, hold your stare and smile a happy smile – that would send her the message that you like what you’re seeing. Again, careful about being creepy.
  • Initiate an in-flight game. A deck of cards would be really lovely for this long, boring plane ride but a simple game of dares or guessing games would definitely suffice. Just make sure it’s going to be fun and funny, otherwise she’s going to think you’re really lame and boring. A good game would be something that involves observing the rest of the people onboard.
  • Tell her it would be lovely to see her again on land. It does not need to have a definite plan, it just has to be nice and sweet. You don’t have anything to lose and who knows, she might be in on it and give you a hint that she does want the same.

So, who’s ready for some fun, memorable in-flight flirting?  Work with relationship advice for men. Good luck!

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December 11, 2013

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