Welcome Your Girlfriend In


Now I learned this next lesson from bitter experience. Yes, even dating mentors and gurus have to learn from somewhere. It got to the point where my girlfriend wouldn’t come round to my pad. Eventually though, I got wise and sussed it out. You see a man’s house is a reflection of himself. And a man’s house is a reflection, too, of how welcome his girlfriend is. Yep, as much as a house is an extension of your personality, it is also your girlfriend’s gauge on how welcome she is in there (and subsequently, in your life).

After learning How to talk to women anywhere and effectively achieved it, so you’ve gone from the occasional fling to boyfriend material? Well the next thing you need to ask is, how girlfriend-friendly is your house? How much of your house says she’s welcome in it anytime without getting that strange I-want-to-go-out feeling you get when you’re in the opposite sex’s bathroom?

See, if you’re in the stage in your relationship where you’re ready to have her around more often, or maybe actually move in together, it is important that you make your house welcoming and comfortable for her. This would not only make her physically comfortable about being in your private space, but it will help give her a sense of welcoming – that indeed, you are opening up your home and your life fully for her (without having her take over your life though). Need more advice on this subject? Don’t hesitate to email me at info@dailydesignbits.com.

Make Your Pad Girlfriend-Friendly

Here are some simple, non-decorating man-friendly tips on how to make your home girlfriend-ready.

First off you gotta tidy up boy! There’s nothing worse a turn off than a dirty, cluttered, messy house. So if you intend not only to make your place accommodating to your girlfriend but to impress her as well, clean up! And PS: cleaning up is more than just dumping stuff under the bed; trust me, women can smell dust. You don’t have to go OC and germophobic about this transformation; just as long as there are no molds on your tiles, no clothes on the floor, and the floors, windows and other stuff are regularly dusted, you’re really good to go.

Be sure to actually have “living space”. Some men, just because they’re living alone, transform their houses into anything they want. It becomes a mini gym, mini golf course, and mechanic shop all in one. Don’t give her things to make her cheat! If you want to make it a friendly space for your girlfriend, show her space where you can spend quality moments together. Get a love seat, or change your furniture into something bigger and softer, and keep the gym and other equipment off the living room or your bedroom.

I can’t believe people don’t think about this but have kitchen utensils. A single plate, some fork, and a pitcher for water don’t make a good kitchen set. Get some plates, and silverware, and some decent water container in your fridge (one that you haven’t drank straight off the spout from) so you can dine in together sometimes without having to share your only plate or eat off the box every dang time.

Next up, go get yourself a plant. Guys who can take care of plants pass off as nourishing, dependable individuals. And yes, a plus to every woman. Not much of a green thumb? Any relative of the cactus will do! They’re very low maintenance and are often cute on the side. Finally, stop living in boxes. If your stuff are still in boxes, she’ll perceive you as either of these two things:

(a) you’re lazy (too lazy to take stuff out of the boxes and arrange them), or

(b) you take a hard time settling down. Either way, it’s a turn off so put the TV on its stand, get your clothes out of the suitcase, and put the books on the shelves already!

So gentlemen, get your butts off the lazy chair, stop being a Male Drama Queen and get her to your pad more often!

November 19, 2013

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