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July 2, 2018 Decor, Home Designs

Fruit Flower Basket Design

Fruit flower basket – Create a new message in the summer with a flower basket made of fruit. Using a watermelon to create a handled basket that can be used to display fresh cut flowers. Florist foam mounted inside the watermelon basket will ensure your cut flowers, so you can arrange them as you feel is most beautiful. A watermelon basket does not leak, so you can place basket of flowers on all surfaces

Best Fruit Flower Basket

Best Fruit Flower Basket

Cut a ¼ inch horizontal slice from severe at the center of the “bottom” of the watermelon. According Fabulous Foods, will keep watermelon for fruit flower basket from rolling. Discard the disc. Center and wrap a tape measure around the watermelon horizontally. The watermelon cut length-wise to form the curve. Use a marker to trace the tape around the watermelon. Remove the tape.

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Place the tape end at the top of the marker line at one end of the watermelon. (Think of watermelon like a football. The ends of watermelons is “pointy” parts of football). Stretch the tape up and over the top of the watermelon until the tape meets the marker line on the other end of the watermelon.  Use a marker to trace a line along the belt across the middle of the top.  Place 1-inch mark the measuring tape over the marker line center top of the watermelon. Make a mark at the end of the measuring tape and the 2-inch mark. This will be the 2-inch wide handle watermelon for fruit flower basket.

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