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May 13, 2018 Decor, Garden Design

Creative Waterfall Plastic Water Trough

Plastic water trough – Place a plastic water trough at desired place. There should be near an electrical outlet to plug in pumped. Truant can be above ground or you can dig a hole and put the bottom of the hill for a miniature pond effect. Place a submersible fountain pump in water troughs and attach the hose. Fill the bottom with foam packing peanuts until the pump is covered by about 1 tome.



Arrange river rocks on top of packing plastic water trough.  From bottom almost to the top, concealing pumpen.Bruk some types of rocks you want. Make a pile of slate stones on top of plastic water trough. Skifer is a softer stone is easy to bore. Create creative in your use of slate stones, but make sure they are tightly stacked and secure.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Creative Waterfall Plastic Water Trough

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Use scissors to cut off any excess hose when you added the last slate, so the water just seems to bubble up out of the rock. Fill the bottom so that the water level is above pumpen.Plugg into the electrical cord to start the flow of van. Fill up the waterfall basin regularly as the water evaporates. Place potted plants around the waterfall in limited plastic water trough pool if it is above ground.

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