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May 11, 2018 Decor, Garden Design

Arborvitae Hedge Model

Arborvitae Hedge – Hedges are an all-natural method to create privacy in your property. They could also reduce street noise, wind and snow.

Different Arborvitae Hedge and Sizes

Arborvitae is among the best trees for making a hedge. They could develop to 60 feet tall, having a width of from 2 to 15 feet.

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This North American native tree has year-round thick, dark green foliage. The tree’s leaves, which were once used like a cure for rheumatism, possess a scale-like appearance.

Kinds of arborvitae include the eastern arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ), the emerald green arborvitae and golden globe arborvitae.

grows as much as 15 feet tall having a width of 3 to 4 feet. The tree is very hardy and can also be found in abundance through the entire Pacific Northwest. It is among the preferred fast growing privacy trees for screens and hedges. The dark green tree includes a somewhat round shape. Without pruning, the tree will grow tall having a cylindrical shape. The tree will certainly be bushier when pruned. Use preventative spraying to avoid spider mite infestations. When the tree is established, It‘ll grow approximately 6 to 9 inches a year.

The arborvitae grows well in full sun, but also can tolerate some shade. The tree does best in mostly well-drained soil. They grow fairly easily, some faster than others.

When utilizing arborvitae for any hedge, ensure they‘ve enough space to grow. In case you plant them as well near one another, they‘re going to compete for soil minerals and nutrients.

Recently planted trees ought to be watered for the very first year or two. During a hot summer, make use of a soaker hose or drip system on the timer to deep soak the tree daily for quarter-hour or so. Mulching can help the tree retain moisture. When the tree matures, It‘ll Not require watering.

In an effort to maintain its shape, the arborvitae will sometimes require a pruning. Remove any dead growth and cut back branches as needed. Remove any dead foliage which has developed within the tree, especially close to the bottom. Be cautious to not over-prune or ruin any pointed tops.

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