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Allan Block Retaining Wall for Garden

Allan Block Retaining Wall – Retaining walls may be a decorative addition within your yard. They could be there only for beauty or functional (holding back dirt ).

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Do not Go Over Four Feet without Engineering

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Inside a short retaining wall, you are able to make lots of errors and It‘ll still come out pretty well. Larger retaining walls require precision and therefore are a lot more dangerous. For that reason, any wall over four feet tall must be checked out by an engineer. The soil should be tested, along with, building techniques.

Dig – Put a Third from the Wall inside the Ground

Walls that just sit upon the top from the ground tip over. In cold areas, retaining walls that get into the bottom should go below the frost line. Why? Ground moves or heaves using the mixture of heating and cooling and moisture. Although movement is small, it may still crack or break a retaining wall. In many areas the frost line is about 30 inches.

Sand – How you can Obtain a Flat Base

After you dig down, you‘ll use sand (coarse is best ) as base. Why? Sand is simple to manipulate to obtain a solid level bottom row. Take your time and effort. The bottom row must be perfect. Place your level upon the stones to ensure everything is perfectly level. You‘ll need about two inches of sand.

Gravel – You Will Need Many It

Gravel can be utilized like a base, but will certainly be needed for lots of other activities also. Like sand, get coarse gravel. If you‘re using it like a base, obtain the smallest gravel you could find. For Allan Blocks, you‘ll place the gravel inside the block. The gravel helps for drainage and keeps the wall blocks together. Put larger gravel (3 / 4 inch could be good ) inside the Allan Block. Additionally you‘ll put gravel behind the wall for drainage (six inches is standard ). For optimal drainage, put a pipe inside the gravel and also have it gently slope to to want water to reach.


The bottom should be compacted. When the wall begins to sink halfway built, you‘ll regret it dearly. Additionally compact the fill dirt while you build the rows. It‘ll result in the wall sturdier and fewer chance from the backfill slumping upon completion.


There will be grid products that may be purchased that go between block rows and therefore are anchored inside the fill dirt. The merchandise looks as a big roll of tarpaper only it‘s like plastic and is really a grid. It is not usually necessary, but could be an added strength.


Keep your wall level having a string line, string level, and also a regular level. Ensure you possess a long level (four feet ). Short levels won’t show that you will be off, but they are helpful for setting block.

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