A Gent’s Guide to Avoiding a Woman

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Being a dating mentor and guru isn’t just offering advice on how many hearts and what types of flowers you should buy her. Sometimes, there just comes a time in a man’s life when he’s confronted with a situation that, no matter how much it bloats his ego, he still has to let go. You know, like when some woman likes him so much but he does not like her back and no matter how much it makes him feel handsome and attractive – what, with all that lavish shower of attention and love, he just has to let her go because he does not feel the same way.

In these situations, an outright rejection might not always be the best way to go. And for a few good reasons: (1) rejection is always difficult; (2) rejecting a woman is far from being natural and so it’s always twice as hard for man as they are for women; and (3) it should be the last course of action and only when times are extra desperate. If you want some ways to let her down gently, email me at info@dailydesignbits.com.

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Gentlemanly tips

So what goes between learning about the said admirer and the penultimate act of rejection? Yes, avoidance. But how does a man avoid a woman without making her feel unattractive, without insulting her, and worse, without making her feel that she is less valuable than she actually is? Here are they, whatever you do don’t make it obvious. Avoid her only when she does not notice it. When you know she’s already seen you and you’ve seen her, there’s really no point in running away and pretending that none of it happened. Or that you never noticed she was there all along. That would be a lot of explaining to do when you start talking to her again. Making your moves a bit too obvious would be like punching her in the gut and sticking it in her face that you don’t like her. Ouch!

Always be friendly when you do see each other but keep your conversations short, simple and quick. Lingering conversations, asking about her interestingly – while they may all be friendly and utterly harmless to you, they may not exactly come out the same for her. So avoid conversations that will make her think you are into her; move out of the situation or have someone else join you guys. Never make any encounter something exclusive between you two.

Next up, you gotta make your alibis believable. The thing about most men in this situation is that they don’t know how to make the right excuses. They make ridiculous, outrageous excuses that wouldn’t even fool a child. To make sure you avoid her date invites quite effectively, make sure you give out the right excuses – simple, believable, something that would easily happen on a normal day – and make sure she does not catch you at the next bar when you told her you’d be at home working on a major presentation!

Be sure to never create a ‘fake girlfriend’. Foremost of all the reasons why this is a ridiculous, absolute no-no of an idea is that it is such a loser move. It’s pathetic to make up a fake girlfriend – although, if that’s the case, she’d likely let you off the hook because of it. It’s lame. Second, it would be very hard to believe and so much harder to justify. If you don’t want this kind of burden, then forget about playing boyfriend to an imaginary supermodel-esque woman whose a little bit Scarlett Johansson, little bit Kate Upton.

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These tips are your best options of avoiding women without being such a jerk. And when you cannot take it anymore, you know what to do. Remember: always do as the gentlemen do!