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Daly's book is sold for $12.99

Daly’s book is sold for $12.99

Daly’s book is now available as a hardcover book. To buy, send a banker’s cheque to the address below. Please make the cheque payable to DDB Resources, Inc. Price is $12.99 including postage to continental United States.

My name is Lian Tai, I am one of the resident experts that currently maintains the site. You can contact me by sending me an email at info@dailydesignbits.com.

Dailydesignbits.com is a dating blog devoted to the teachings of the famous relationship guru, Daly D. Birch. Daly is a seasoned practitioner of the seduction arts, having been students of luminaries in seduction such as Mystery, Neil Strauss, Tyler Durden, Loverboy, Barry Wine, Mohit “Da Man” McKinsey and Stephen D’Angelo. He is currently not available for consulting, but if you would like some personalized attention to build your dating prowess, please email shortlist@dailydesignbits.com

Please don’t copy or share the information within this website without my permission. Thanks!

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