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What to Do When a Girl Makes a Move

So a girl is making the first move on you, huh? Some hot guy you are! Not every man gets that kind of attention from women and even in this very advanced day and age, it is still quite a surprise and a rarity to have a woman make the first move.

But what truly measures a guy in this situation is not the fact that he is attractive enough to push a girl to make the first move on him. Instead, it is on how you react to this reverse situation in the most gentlemanly, most attractive, and most admirable way possible.

Lady wants to impress you.

Lady wants to impress you.

Basically, there are two ways to react: turned on or turned off. For some men, women who can express themselves in this way are attractive. These men find it a turn on and perceive these women as those who are in control, go getters, and do not wish to be trapped in what society dictates as the role of women in the dating scene.
On the other hand, some if not most men, find this the exact opposite: a turn off. These men find this a thing deviation from social norms and somehow, it makes men feel emasculated and threatened over the power of a girl to go after what – in this case, who – she wants.

Tips to deal with a woman who likes you

There, so we’ve figured out how men react. But still the question remains: what do you do when this happens to you? When the feeling of flattery dies down (seriously, admit it – you felt great about yourself when she came up to you), how do you deal with the woman who put herself out there to let you know how she feels about you? Here are some tips:
• Always show her that you appreciate the feeling. It is not easy to go against the norm just to express our feelings. She has put herself to so much emotional burden just to let you know how she feels about you so whether you are turned on or off, nicely thank her for having the courage to come up to you.

couple kissing

Kiss her.

• If you are turned on by her move, assess whether or not you like her enough to go out with her. See, just because she gave you an ego boost does not mean you’d go out with her and send her the wrong message of false hopes.
• If you do not like her making a move towards you, try a much nicer approach at rejection. Saying it too bluntly will only make her feel like she was humiliated. If you can’t say it in her face, at least stop with saying thank you. She’ll get the message.  Or try to use the patented Sonic Seduction disqualification technique.
• Don’t use this as an excuse/reason to take advantage of her. Of course using it as leverage for your advances is easy. But remember that a true gentleman does not get make an opportunity out of the innocent and the vulnerable to make himself feel good.
So, what are you going to do now?

You can also view an interesting article at eHarmony.

Hope this tips helped you, message me anytime at info@dailydesignbits.com.


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5 Outfits You Should Never Be Caught Dead Wearing for a Date

Admit it, your personality isn’t exactly the first thing a girl notices on a date. Of course, it has to be the way you look – and your outfit has a lot to do with that, this will be one factor to Make You Unapproachable to Women. You seriously cannot just say ‘Oh but I was born handsome, I don’t need to make an effort on my looks and my outfit’. Trust me, even Brad Pitt can look horribly bad in the wrong outfit.

And besides, apart from the fact that it would make you look *literally* good to your date, it would really make her feel good to know that you prepared and made an effort for her. That gives her the sense that she is dating a guy who values being able to spend time with her. And that would only be fair; after all, she probably spent several thousand bucks and hours on end trying to look good for the date.

36001611_700x700min_1Outfits You Should Avoid

Achieving this good-looking date thing may take a little bit of fashion inspiration, and fully avoiding these outfits:

  1. The florals. You have got to be a highly fashion forward person, the level of a Marc Jacobs or an Andre Leon-Talley to pull off florals. For one, it’s hard to look manly in it, and second, most of the floral designs in men’s outfits are really limited to Tiki-bars and Hawaiian-themed parties. Outside of that, it would make you look like your Grandpa’s best friend. Not that there’s anything bad about being BFFs with old gramps; there’s just a lot of awkwardness in looking like one of his mah jong buddies.
  2. Sports jerseys. I am a big sports fan, and an even bigger Kobe Bryant fan, but I would definitely be turned off if you showed up on our date wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey. I don’t even care if you were in line for hours just to get Kobe to sign it. It just wouldn’t work. The only exception to wearing a sports jersey for your date is if you’re actually taking your date to watch a game. Other than that, you can’t wear this to a date even if you’re going to some pub. Just. Not. Sexy. Nope, won’t work.
  3. Czara-navy-polka-dot-shirt-product-3-2915893-833155493_large_flexargo pants. You wear cargo pants at home. You wear cargo pants when you need to run to the supermarket. You wear cargo pants if you’re working outdoors. You don’t wear cargo pants – even if they’re full-length long pants – to your date. It is too effortless that the only thing more effortless than your cargo pants are your pajamas. You get the picture now?
  4. Polka dots. The only thing worse than wearing polka dots to a date is wearing multi-colored polka dots. Yep, that’s just how bad it is. This is downright tacky. The only time you can possibly wear polka dots is on New Year’s (and you believe that wearing circles, resembling coins, will make you richer), or if you have to play the clown for your nephew’s children’s party.
  5. Tank top. Disregard this if you’re going on a beach date. But on every other date, even if it’s a date in a seaside restaurant, this is a huge no-no. Unless there’s swimming and sunbathing involved, there’s really something wrong with meeting a girl in your tank tops. It’s about the same as going for a date in your boxers. It’s an undershirt for crying out loud buddy! There’s just no way you can get away with wearing a tank top for a date, no matter how expensive it is. (PS: It doesn’t even look good on every guy so don’t risk it!)

Never risk running into the fashion police or losing your date altogether, see SIBG.com for more dating tips!

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5 Things That Make You Unapproachable to Women

womanHave you ever sat alone in a singles bar all night, waiting and wondering while no woman is approaching you or at the very least making eye contact? Have you ever spent a night out with your buddies, where everyone except you gets some form of attention from women? (And of course end up wallowing in self-doubt). Have you ever wondered whether you’re just plainly the unapproachable kind, or if you’re really, really unattractive?

You see, gentlemen, we have gone past the age of women just passively waiting for men to notice and approach them. We’ve definitely seen the era of men doing all the work and women doing all the choosing pass by. We are in the day and age of active, decisive women who take control and approach men if need be.

Things That Make You Unapproachable to Women

And if no woman is approaching you, it is normal that you begin to ask questions about yourself, your self-worth and your attractiveness. Are you really unattractive, or maybe just plainly unapproachable? Have you been doing things that make women less than excited to meet you, or totally cringe at the thought of being near you? Are you guilty of doing these things:

  1.  Avoiding eye contact with women. Eye contact is practically the most basic way of getting a woman’s attention and trust without saying a word. And if you are doing everything but, you are basically shunning out every chance from meeting women – one of whom could basically be the exact very woman you’ve long been waiting for in your life. It’s like closing out your doors even before women could take a peek at what you have to offer. You might have to work a little extra on boosting your self-confidence to improve on this area. Try eye contact and attraction tips from SonicSeduction.net!
  2. Keeping yourself busy with your gadgets. Ever since mobile technology reached its best peaks, it has become harder to remove people from their gadgets. We’re all either texting or calling, or IM-ing or updating our Facebook statuses or Twitter posts or taking and editing a photo to post on Instagram. All this busyness with our gadgets, unfortunately, make us forget in the physical world we’re in. And this, my dear gentlemen, is what causes you to miss the women around you. While you’re too busy showing off to your friends about your awesome night out, the woman of your dreams has just passed you by and went over to exchange flirty smiles with the man next to you.
  3. Being too engulfed in your conversations with your buddies. While it is quite impressive that you make sure you spend some QT with your buddies, it is also important that you keep yourself still open and available to meet women around. Your buddies will understand, unless you’re having a matter of life of death kind of hangout.
  4. Looking too serious. Girls are hardly ever enamored at the sight of a man who looks like he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. So lighten up your mood, open your demeanor more, smile more, and think happy thoughts – it shows on your face and makes you look so much more approachable.
  5. Thinking too highly of yourself. This is where a lot of things go wrong. The moment you think you’re superior than everyone else, it shows on your face and it makes you seem too uppity tighty elite don’t-touch-me-or-talk-to-me-coz-I’m-better-than-you type of guy that no woman would want to have to do anything with. Keep yourself grounded buddy, it makes you more easily likeable.

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Dating Ideas to Try in 2014

The New Year has always been a perfect time to make promises, state year-long plans, change scenery, and try out new things – or at least pretend to make and do any of them. But whether or not you are just pretending to do it, planning to pretend to do it, or actually succeed in doing it, the New Year is always the best time for you to do it.

This year, if you’re starting the year as a single guy, you’re likely to put your dating life into perspective, doing some tweaks here and there all aimed at changing your relationship status anytime during the year. And if that’s in your agenda this year, it’s high time you lose all the date ideas that have proven unsuccessful in your romantic pursuits in the previous year.

Dating Ideas That You Should Try in 2014


Need some Dating Tips? Here are some new dating ideas that you should try in 2014:

  • Breakfast dates. Let your 2014 dates experience the beauty of catching the sunrise together. And who says breakfast dates should only be about bacon and eggs? Bring the glitz and glamour of a dinner date with the refreshing warmth of a breakfast date. The secret to a successful and enamoring breakfast date is practically the exact same factors that make a dinner date awesome: location, food, activity. Make sure you try to find a location that (a) has a great view of the sunset, (b) is away from morning rush, (c) shields you from imminent sunlight as the day progresses on.
  • Bucket list dates. With people getting more in touch with the idea of ‘Carpe Diem’, more and more people are also filling up their bucket lists, and of course, crashing off items on the list. So why don’t you each exchange bucket lists and find ones that you could do together? What makes these types of dates special and especially effective is that it has that happy, self-fulfillment feeling that she will always associate with you. It’s hard to part with and dump the guy who helped make your elephant-feeding experience possible!
  • Adrenaline rush dates. Drop the tux and let her skip the heels. Get down and dirty and try extreme sports for dates for a change. This one is closely related to the previous entry on this list (bucket list dates) but only generally focused on daredevil-ish, adrenaline-pumping dates. Great examples of this date are drag racing, skydiving, and maybe even target shooting. Trust me she’ll never forget you for it; plus points for you if she’s quite the scaredy cat type – you can be her knight in shining armor and she’ll love you for it. (PS: just make sure you ensure her and your safety). You may want to read how to have a Surviving a long distance relationship – here’s what to know.
  • Recreate a scene from a love story or a romantic movie and make it come to life on your date. Interest her with a real-life-love-story kind of date by decorating your house (or chosen date location) a la a popular scene from a movie and be the actors in it. The secret here is a lot of creativity, imagination, and a popular movie/book reference that she can easily recognize. Titanic, The Notebook, and maybe Twilight are easy to set up.

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Have a bangin’ New Year and an awesome love life for the year 2014!

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Tips for Dating a College Prof

For most men, especially those who have had really cute (maybe even hot) teachers in college, dating one would be a fantasy come true. After all, lady teachers will always be perceived as mature, independent, dominant women that a lot of men love to tame and be inferior to at the same time.

So knowing just how extra special that perception of college profs are relationship-wise (want to be an alpha male? Read this guide.), it is only right and logical that we expect for you dear men to treat your lady teacher date somehow differently. You don’t want to get a C- on your dating grade from her, right?

Your college prof.

Your college prof.

Dating a College Professor

And so before you kick on the dating gear and ask that college prof out, you might want to be certain about what dates to take her to. Here are some dating tips that will surely make her want to see you after class and give you an A+ for being the perfect date:

  • Explore her intellectual interests. You don’t have to go out and explore the next biggest archaeological site with her just because she likes it (not yet, at least), but you can always take her to the latest archaeological forum in the next city or buy her tickets to the Egyptian mummies exhibit. Highly intellectual women like your college prof date like men who can connect with them intellectually so you had better match her in that area. You don’t have to pretend that you know so much about it, but you should show her that you are interested in what she’s interested in and you’re willing to lend more than an ear for it.
  • Show her your own interests. It’s not in what kind of interests you have – it’s how you show it. You can be talking about Skyrim or World of Warcraft and still keep her interested if you could talk about the more technical stuff. Make your interest sound interesting and pop in a trivia or two every now and then; trust me, hedgehog-raising or Koi-raising was never as interesting. Women appreciate men who can show passion in their personal interests.
  • Be decent but show her that you know how to have fun (in a mature way). Clubbing may not be in her lists of ideal dating places – the last thing she wants is to get wasted in a room where there’s a 90% chance of bumping into one of her students. She’d love a grownup date with a little bit of clean, mature fun on the side so you might want to take her to an open-air cinema and prepare a picnic for her. Stay over long after the movie is over for some stargazing.
  • Watch your language. Being a teacher is not some button that they can just turn on and off as they please; they will always be teachers no matter how far from the classroom they are. And so you have to be mindful of the way you talk and the way you text otherwise they won’t take you seriously.
  • Be an interesting conversation partner. Don’t let her do all the talking; arm yourself with some interesting things to talk about to – something that could pique her curiosity and make her want to discuss with you. That should keep those dinner dates alive and interesting! (So, yeah, time for you to get a NatGeo and Reader’s Digest subscription).

Ready to ace your college prof date? *Wink Wink*

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How NOT to be Creepy Online

1199922_38790784The internet, with all its freedom and technological advancement, can make anything out of anyone. You could be that neighborhood shy boy who’s a heartthrob on your online profile. Truly, the internet has allowed most of us to become what we’ve (sometimes secretly) always wanted to be.

And that just has to be the beginning of the awesomeness called the internet. One of its biggest and most significant contributions to the modern world is the rise of online dating. Whether you’re too shy or too lazy or too adventurous for regular dating, online dating has become the next best alternative to dating.

But do you already know how to talk to girls (a concise guide from PUA Database website)? Too late if not!

The thing is, tons of bad guys have unfortunately abused the freedom that is the internet that women are so wary about bumping into one of them in their online dating exploits. And women today have a list or two of what makes men creepy online. And the first signs of it have a lot of the good women scrambling off for protection (aka BLOCK Button). Unfortunately, some men seem creepy and are guilty of sending off the creepy guy signal even when they actually are not.

What you need to do

So let’s dedicate this post to teaching you, dear gentlemen and newbies to the online dating realm, how not to be creepy online (PS: this is also a good way of meeting good and decent women in this hodgepodge of personalities called the internet):

  • Have a decent profile picture. Not your pet. Not your favorite superhero. Not The Joker. Not your butt (definitely not your butt). Not your neighbor’s or Tom Cruise’s face. Your profile picture should clearly display your face, at your best angle of course, and ideally without anyone else (except maybe your pet). The pose should be nothing offensive or provocative nor should it have anything that has any sexual undertones in it. The last thing you want is look like a perv or a pedo.
  • Make a decent, intelligible, and interesting but accurate description of yourself. Your online profile will be an extension of yourself in the virtual world; naturally, you’d want women to know who you are and know what to expect should they decide to meet up with you someday. That’s why you have to make sure you make an interesting ‘About Me’ page. Suggestions: talk about your hobbies, your interests, and maybe even squeeze in a bit about your pet peeves.
  • Write a decent account of the kind of woman you’re looking to meet. In online dating profiles, you are almost always required to give a description of who you want to meet. Avoid using bad or offensive language, make sure you don’t describe women sexually, and you write a respectful but honest account of the type of woman you are hoping to meet (and basically a short description of why you’re trying online dating).
  • Take it easy on the Poke. Don’t just ‘poke’ (Or whatever app/button the online dating site has to catch a woman user’s profile). Routinely poking a woman you like without trying to add her up as a friend is just creepy. Start a real conversation; you can never be too shy online!
  • Have wholesome chats. Keep your message exchanges wholesome and respectful; don’t be too eager on talking about the intimate stuff – this will give the woman an impression that you’re only after that one thing and nothing else. Engage in a real conversation with the women you meet and let your personality shine through. Don’t talk about weird stuff, please (except if that’s something you both share?).

You can see my previous post here! Thank you so much for reading and visiting the site. See you again :)

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How to Flirt on a Plane Ride

1414861_51130807Who says being suspended miles and miles up in the air in an enclosed metal whatchamacalit should make flirting impossible? Of course it’s not impossible! In fact, a plane ride can only be made more enjoyable and more memorable if you add a dash of flirting on the side!

Several hours on a plane can get the best of us. And the ensuing jet lag from those long hours, crossing borders and time zones can really take a toll on your body. And a little harmless flirting could only ease this up and make you recall a grueling, butt-form-changing plane flight with much gusto. That, and look forward to your next plane flight again.

So whether you’re a seasonal traveler with a booking for the Christmas holiday, or a serial jetsetter hopping from one point of the globe to another, these flirting tips might make those extra, extra special (and who knows, you might meet someone you’d actually want to take out as soon as you land *Wink*).

How to flirt on a plane ride

  • Always look your best. You don’t have to be a Hollywood celeb to look extra dandy on your next flight out! You don’t have to dress to the nines like the plane is going to hold a ball; you just have to look great and comfortable. Grab your basics – a shirt for comfortable, laidback look, some button downs for a more casual tone, and a classy black blazer or coat to keep you warm – that should easily do the trick.
  • Always start with a smile – the friendly kind. There’s nothing creepier on a plane ride than a creepy, mysterious smile. The last thing you want is to be mistaken for a terrorist so keep things light and friendly. Your friendly, warm smile might just be what she needed to ease her fear of flying!
  • Bring a game or a book with you. That’s a good way to spark up a conversation. If you play your cards right, you know that you’ll have a more significant conversation leading from that.
  • Never forget your compliments. Flirting will never be flirting until you give out a compliment; otherwise, it would just be a friendly conversation. When giving a compliment, hold your stare and smile a happy smile – that would send her the message that you like what you’re seeing. Again, careful about being creepy.
  • Initiate an in-flight game. A deck of cards would be really lovely for this long, boring plane ride but a simple game of dares or guessing games would definitely suffice. Just make sure it’s going to be fun and funny, otherwise she’s going to think you’re really lame and boring. A good game would be something that involves observing the rest of the people onboard.
  • Tell her it would be lovely to see her again on land. It does not need to have a definite plan, it just has to be nice and sweet. You don’t have anything to lose and who knows, she might be in on it and give you a hint that she does want the same.

So, who’s ready for some fun, memorable in-flight flirting?  Work with relationship advice for men. Good luck!

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What to Do When You Catch Her Cheating

What do you do, really, if you catch your woman cheating on you? It does not have to be right in the act of her making passionate love with another man; it can be anything that says ‘hey, she’s definitely with someone else’ be it on text, on the phone, or a snapshot that clearly removes all forms of doubt about her infidelity. It’s just something that you never get used to and you never fully recover from. You may love again but it will always scar you.

Things to do after you caught her


Caught in the act?

And while they say a man is made of his actions, his character is better seen in his reactions. So how do you react, still in a decent, humane, and manly manner, when you’ve obviously been done an act that could drive even the best of men into voracious, monstrous vengefulness?

But before anything else, here is a conversation starters – an SIBG exclusive guide.

Here are some tips:
•    Distance yourself. This may be the wisest, safest thing you can do when you’re in this rage-worthy moment. You are better off away and actually alone when you’ve just discovered the betrayal. Stay away from your girlfriend and her lover because that’s the only way you can avoid any reaction that could send you to jail and the next day’s headlines. Violence is definitely not the answer and will make you look bad. It may also be wise to stay away from friends because they may unintentionally end up giving you the advice that may be more harmful than otherwise. Leave yourself to your thoughts until after a few days later.
•    Leave her before she leaves you. Break up with her officially. While you may think this isn’t necessary, it may actually help you move on better and faster. But for now, let her know that you have left her and not the other way around. She deserves to know that you are not at her mercy. And don’t you dare get back with her if she runs back to you, crying, after three days! You can do this over the phone or over text; seeing each other is highly discouraged soon after the incident.
•    If you share a house together, you may have to find your way out of it. This may involve legal and financial stuff, but the best course of action would be to get what is due of you. If you share a rent, inform your landlord ahead of time that you are leaving and that your girlfriend will be shouldering the dues alone; in the meantime, find yourself a temporary place to stay in. Stop trying to Make Your Pad Girlfriend-Friendly.
•    Don’t get revenge sex. This is not going to help you at all. So you enjoy it now; so you exhaust yourself to sleep and then what? You wake up still feeling miserable. And how does revenge sex make you any better of a person than your cheating ex-girlfriend? Right, it does not help so don’t do it. Forget about it!
•   Don’t be ashamed about what happened. She cheated on you, she made the bigger mistake. Don’t blame yourself that you could have done a better job at being a boyfriend. Blame her. Fault’s on her. You’re better off without her anyway.

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How to Make Your Pad Girlfriend-Friendly

A man’s house is a reflection of himself. And a man’s house is a reflection, too, of how welcome his girlfriend is. Yep, as much as a house is an extension of your personality, it is also your girlfriend’s gauge on how welcome she is in there (and subsequently, in your life).SeduceHer

After learning How to talk to women anywhere and effectively achieved it. Here is, how girlfriend-friendly is your house? How much of your house says she’s welcome in it anytime without getting that strange I-want-to-go-out feeling you get when you’re in the opposite sex’s bathroom?

See, if you’re in the stage in your relationship where you’re ready to have her around more often, or maybe actually move in together, it is important that you make your house welcoming and comfortable for her. This would not only make her physically comfortable about being in your private space, but it will help give her a sense of welcoming – that indeed, you are opening up your home and your life fully for her (without having her take over your life though).

Make Your Pad Girlfriend-Friendly

Here are some simple, non-decorating man-friendly tips on how to make your home girlfriend-ready:

  1. Tidy up boy! There’s nothing worse a turn off than a dirty, cluttered, messy house. So if you intend not only to make your place accommodating to your girlfriend but to impress her as well, clean up! And PS: cleaning up is more than just dumping stuff under the bed; trust me, women can smell dust. You don’t have to go OC and germophobic about this transformation; just as long as there are no molds on your tiles, no clothes on the floor, and the floors, windows and other stuff are regularly dusted, you’re really good to go.
  2. Actually have “living space. Some men, just because they’re living alone, transform their houses into anything they want. It becomes a mini gym, mini golf course, and mechanic shop all in one. Don’t give her things to make her cheat! If you want to make it a friendly space for your girlfriend, show her space where you can spend quality moments together. Get a love seat, or change your furniture into something bigger and softer, and keep the gym and other equipment off the living room or your bedroom.
  3. Have kitchen utensils. A single plate, some fork, and a pitcher for water don’t make a good kitchen set. Get some plates, and silverware, and some decent water container in your fridge (one that you haven’t drank straight off the spout from) so you can dine in together sometimes without having to share your only plate or eat off the box every dang time.
  4. Have a plant. Guys who can take care of plants pass off as nourishing, dependable individuals. And yes, a plus to every woman. Not much of a green thumb? Any relative of the cactus will do! They’re very low maintenance and are often cute on the side.
  5. Stop living in boxes. If your stuff are still in boxes, she’ll perceive you as either of these two things: (a) you’re lazy (too lazy to take stuff out of the boxes and arrange them), or (b) you take a hard time settling down. Either way, it’s a turn off so put the TV on its stand, get your clothes out of the suitcase, and put the books on the shelves already!

So gentlemen, get your butts off the lazy chair, stop being a Male Drama Queen and get her to your pad more often!

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5 Unmistakable Signs that You’re a Douchebag Boyfriend

Good people are aware of their goodness, but they don’t go around bragging about it. Great people are not aware of how great they are, and they just go about doing their kind and good ways. Bad people, on the other hand, are not aware of the evil that they epitomize, and yet they go around living thinking that they are actually good!

I’m shaking my head at this, but this is human reality. And this is the exact same reality that goes with good boyfriends, great boyfriends, and douchebag boyfriends who have made one too many female hearts suffer.

dudeshesnotinterestedMany of these unfortunate girlfriends realize a little too late that they are, indeed, dating a big *ss D-bag. Others, worse, realize this fact but choose to ignore in the name of the big L. But how about if the man himself gets to realize and understand just how big a jerk he is? Wouldn’t that save many women from heartaches?

If you’re reading this, with the intention of finding out whether you’re a bad boyfriend or a really bad boyfriend, I commend you for you are one step closer to becoming less of a bad boyfriend. I also would like to assure you that the sooner you realize and accept this, the more thankful your girlfriend will be.

Unmistakable signs

So, are you a douchebag or are you a douchebag? Here are some unmistakable signs that you are:

  1. You brag about the women you flirt with, hook up with, and probably cheat with. You don’t even care about who you tell it to and how they might spill your dirty beans to your girlfriend. All you do is just go about your wicked, cheating ways without a care in the world, or to how your girlfriend feels.article400_man_woman_motivate-420x0
  2. You act superior over your girlfriend. You decide for her, you tell her what to do and what not to do, basically you are living her life for her. It manifests through the simple stuff like ordering for her when she didn’t ask you to, deciding on an invite for the both of you without consulting, or even telling you which jobs you should take and which ones you shouldn’t.
  3. You show up to her when you want to. You just disappear when she’s inconvenient for you, and you magically reappear when you’re feeling lonely. You don’t even care inform her about anything that’s happening around you; heck, not even your whereabouts. Poor girl has to wait around when you’re coming over again! Visit PUA website now!
  4. You disrespect her parents. This is horrible behavior that even your own parents would hate you about. There is no excuse for being disrespectful to elders; there just is none. Just because they’re not your parents doesn’t mean you can do whatever you feel like doing. Know your boundaries.
  5. Hit her. Domestic violence and abuse are inexcusable. There is no easy, sane, or logical explanation that makes physical aggression especially against a woman okay. Any man who commits this isn’t just a douchebag; he’s a complete coward and an animal!

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these things! So, are you a douchebag or what?

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